His Faithfulness to His People

While I was preparing a bible story skit script for my basketball ministry’s bible study, I could not help but laugh at myself. Who would have thought that I would end up on a island on the west coast of Africa as a missionary who leads a basketball ministry? Definitely not me. If someone had told me that two years ago, I would have laughed so hard and thought they were crazy. It is so bizarre and miraculous to see how God works. We may not know what tomorrow holds, but He does. We will never fully understand the way He works, but He has plan and purpose for everything. Before this trip, I would always be anxious and worried about every big and little thing. This trip has caused me to take a lot of “leaps” of faith and I can confidently say that God is truly faithful to His people. I still worry from time to time, but my faith in the Lord has grown so much. I do not worry about my future because I know I am in God’s hand and He has a plan and purpose for me. My job is to continue to keep my eyes on Him and He will lead me.

I have really come to love my basketball ministry. I really struggled to accept the leadership role for this ministry because I did not feel like I was equipped enough to be a leader. Leading this ministry for the past couple months has boosted my confidence in being able to be a leader. Tuesday nights are now one of my favorite nights of the week. The kids that we hang out with make it even better. All the kids’ faces glow up as soon as we all walk into the basketball court. I thought this ministry would be a burden, but it turned out to be one of the biggest blessings I have been blessed with here.

Ashlyn and I have started a discipleship with five of the boys that accepted Christ a couple weeks ago. They have a lot of potential to become future leaders for this ministry and reach other kids in the neighborhood. All five of them have eagerly accepted to start taking turns to teach the lessons on Tuesday nights! I am so excited to see them grow in their faith. Please pray for these five boys and this ministry.

This past Thursday, Abigail and I went with Edna and Diana to do Projecto Pepe family visits. We were able to get Angelita’s two daughters to come along with us too. We visited nine families! At each house, the family was so welcoming to us. They were so eager to have us in their house praying over them. Five of the families have asked us to start discipling them. We may eventually be starting a house church in Angelita’s house on Fridays! Please pray for these families.

Last Thursday, my team and I had an awesome opportunity to meet the US ambassador of Cape Verde. He had heard us living here and wanted to personally meet us. We were able to tell him about all the work we have been doing here. He was super encouraging and was impressed with all that we have accomplished.

On this past Wednesday night, during our team church service, we did the Lord’s supper and washed each others’ feet. This service was probably one of my favorites. Abigail, Hadassah, and I washed each others’ feet. As we washed our teammate’s feet, we asked how we could love them better and how we can be praying for them. It was powerful night of prayer and worship.

While Hadassah washed my feet, she asked me how she can be praying for me. In these past couple weeks, I have become very anxious and stressed about the thought of going home soon. Before I came here, I thought I would be so excited by this point to be going home so soon, but it has become quite opposite. I miss my home, my family, and my friends, but this place has become special to me. My heart has been changed by the Lord while being here. I do not like the person I was before this trip. I do not want people to recognize me as that same girl I was before this trip. I want people to see the changes that God has made in my heart. Back at home, I never experienced God so close to my heart. But here, I feel so close to God. I do not want to loose that closeness when I go back home. I do not want to become the old-me again. I ask that you all would pray that God would continue to change my heart in these last two months. Pray that I would also just continue to draw closer and closer to Him.

4 thoughts on “His Faithfulness to His People

  1. Continue to pray for you and all I know God has planned for your life. So very proud of you and happy to call you my sister in Christ! I leave April 2nd for Jinja, Uganda. Please be praying for me and our team.
    Love, Judy😘❤️😍

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  2. Mary n Bob

    Hi Maddie,
    Always so good to read of all you are doing
    It is wonderful
    We will continue to pray for you n your ministry.
    Love n peace,
    U. Bob n A. Mary

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